Custom Electronics

Are you building a device that needs a programmable brain? It could be a sensor that emails you alerts, a robot, a networked toaster, or anything in between. If your device needs to interact with both the physical and digital worlds (also known as physical computing), we can build a micro controller to handle it. We’ll help determine how to detect the event you’re interested in, what the software will do, and what action the device will take. Projects range from new products for small companies to interactive art installations to hobbyist designs. We rely on the popular and trusted Arduino controller, allowing for fast prototyping and reliable results.



  • Motion
  • Distance
  • Location
  • Contact
  • Temperature
  • Network data
  • Many more


  • Movement (wheel, servo, grasp, etc)
  • Record data
  • Send data across a network
  • Power a device on or off
  • Play a sound
  • Many more